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Sunday 25 Feb 2018
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Power Green Shake PDF Print E-mail
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Veggie Style Products - Veggy Power

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One of our most powerful vegan supplements is our Vegan Power Green Shake, in where we combine Vegan protein isolate with and important percentage of effective super foods. 

As vegan athlete, we always were adding to our daily shakes a few spoons of energizing and nutrient dense super foods. So it was time to offer and create the best vegan protein shake combining it with natural plant super foods. Like this we created and incredible Power Green Shake which is loaded with an incredible amount of highly concentrated nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids, protein, all amino acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll and much more. This vegan power shake boosts up your energy lever and gives your body ALL nutrients he needs to train hard in the gym and react on weight training with muscle grow. And it really works – and the best: It is totally natural and our ingredients are so nutrient dense, and naturally perfect, that we don’t need to ad chemically produced vitamins, minerals etc.. And the best: Our Power Green Shake work! You will soon feel that you will have more power and energy and that your body will recuperate much better and faster after each workout, which means, you will be able to train more times harder and with more weights and a higher intensity.






As soon as you mix our vegan Power Green powder into water, you will directly see, that there is something special, as it turns into a green shake – and not because we added some sort of colorants – NO this is because of the high amount of natural power plants we add to our power shake.

If you are searching 100% Natural and 100% power-full Supplements, the you should take each day our POWER GREENS shake.


Veggie Style POWER GREENS stand for a Fit, Active and healthy Plant based Lifestyle.



And the best: Our POWER GREEN SHAKE is suitable for any athlete (not only for vegans) and in general for anyone who follows a fit and active lifestyle. We say any athlete, because many athletes suffer from allergic reactions when they consume their “conventional” protein shakes – this is due to the fact as this kind of shakes are produced with whey protein, which contains many allergens’. As we know, a high percentage of mankind is allergic to milk products. Our Vegan Protein shakes are 100% plant based, and as also soy protein has many allergens’, we choose a more healthy solution in creating a powerful vegan protein formula, which is naturally created and extracted from pea and rice protein – 2 nutrients considered as allergen free.



Our POWER GREEN SHAKE contains the best which offers us our nature in order to enhance our energy, to gives us nutrients for a healthy and active lifestyle.  And on top we offer you all information’s about the right fitness training together with nutrition tips for a plant based diet in combination with the right training, so that you can reach the goal of having your dream body – fit, muscular and healthy.




So whether your goal is to have a Six Pack, to build up big muscles – Veggie Style POWER GREENS SHAKE you can reach your goal and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle based on plant based vegan nutrition.






Taste die Power of Nature with Veggie Style POWER GREENS




Stay Fit, healthy and full of energy with a plant based diet and Veggie Style!






Our Power Green Shake is:


  •  Free from DAIRY/Lactose/Gluten & soy
  •  Easy to digest
  •  82g of RAW plant based protein per serving with assimilation rate of 99%
  • Low Glycemic Load
  •  Cholesterol Free
  •  NON-GMO
  •  Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  •  Hypoallergenic




And regarding all our vegan protein shakes, they have one important advantage compared to the “conventional” milk based protein shakes: As our vegan protein shakes are 100% Plant based and allergen free, they don’t cause the side effects such as bloating and digestion problems. ZERO WHEY= No Bloating!






100% Plant Based & Vegan/Vegetarian 



VEGGIE STYLE POWER GREENS - ALL in One Shake - is easy and fast to mix, tasty, healthy and full of power-nutrients. With each 45g-shake you are giving your body an incredible nutrition dense vegan power formula with: 32 g of protein, 5g of fiber, 6,1g of BCAAS – 5,3  of Glutamine – 1,25g of Omega 3&&9- A total of 25 Vitamins and Minerals: such as iron, zinc, magnesium active vitamin B12, Vitamin C and much more. All nutrients come from 100% natural and plant based sources, including a high content of all organic super foods such as Maca, Spirulina, Chlorellla, Moringa, Goji Berries, Dolomite, Cerola Cherries, Dunaliella Algae, Quinoa, Hemp. This special designed formula offers as result a high concentration of all micro and macro nutrients, antioxidants, chlorophyll, RNA & DNA and enzymes your body needs to Stay strong, fit, active, full of energy and healthy.








VEGGIE STYLE Power Greens gives you power, energy and helps your body to stay fit and healthy – you will train better, stronger and with a higher intensity and your body will improve in an important way the ability to recuperate from each workout.






In here we create a natural formula offering a high quality RAW Protein isolate, extracted from yellow pea, Hemp and sprout rice, Spirulina, Quinoa and Moringa protein. This power Protein formula gives you all amino acids your body needs, including all essential amino acids and a naturally high content of Glutamine and BCAA’s. This protein has the same bioavailability as egg protein or whey protein, but without the side effects this animal products usually cause, which are mainly allergic reactions.



Veggie Style power greens Vegeterian All in One Plant Protein and Superfood Shake



VEGGIE-STYLE vegan protein + super food POWER GREEN SHAKE is RAW, gluten free, allergen-free and 100% plant based and natural. And to make our Protein Shake Perfect, we add several nutrition rich power foods supplying in each serving more than 25 vitamins and minerals, essential fat acids such as Omega3, Omega6 and Omega6, chlorophyll, antioxidants, GLA, RNA and DNA and many beneficial phytosubstances. With the impressive result, that each 45g serving of VEGGIE-STYLE power green contain all power-nutrients of 1,8g of Organic Spirulina, 2,25g Organic Moringa Leaf Power, 0,40g Organic Maca Powder 0,45g of Organic Chlorella And to make our Power nutrient formula perfect, we also ad, flax seed, chia seeds, goji berries, quinoa, fiber. And important: Our Shake is taste because we ad natural vanilla extract and we sweeten it with the highest grade of Stevia extract, which is REBA at 98%. When you mix our VEGGIE-STYLE Power Greens powder with water, rice-milk, Quinoa-milk or you mix it with your favorite fruits in a blender, you get a energizing power smoothie which gives you energy for the entire day and it gives you the guarantee that your body gets in a natural and plant based way all healthy nutrients he needs for being full of energy, power, and staying fit, strong and active and healthy.

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 Veggie Style power greens vegan protein shake with superfoods



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