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Veggie Style Vegan Protein Shake SHOKO

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Protein shake Shoko-from-veggie-style

VEGGIE STYLE is completely Natural offering a unique high quality plantprotein formula which gives your body power and energy. The key ingredient is our plant based protein isolate formula. It contains 82% of high quality RAW protein including all essential and non essential amino acids with a assimilation rate of 98% comparable with egg-protein. Our naturally optimized protein has a high content of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids ) and Glutamine. With one single VEGGIE STYLE shake you get in a tasty way all amino acids your muscles need for growing and getting stronger after each trainings session – VEGGIE POWER is YOUR guarantee for being fit and strong in any sport.

Besides of beeing a high quality Protein Source, Our Protein is has the advantage of beeing allergen free and also the following advantages: 
e DAIRY FREE Lactos and Glutem free
e easy to digest
e 82g of RAW plantbased proten per serving with assimilation rate of 99%
eLow Glycemic Load
e Cholosterol Free
e Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
e Gluten Free Soy Free Dairy Free 
e Hypo Allergenic
Zero Whey= No Bloating
Veggy style does not cause bloating like Milk Based shakes does

1Veggie-Style-Vegan-Supplement-protein-SHAKE SHOKO


Our Body needs Protein every day – this is a fact!

And it is also a fact, that we can get the right amount of protein by our daily meals. Because protein is one basic element in all foods – but with big differences in the content per 100% and also the quality of the protein varies enormous from food to food.

Protein is the main components our body is made from – all different body tissues, beginning with our muscles and up to our lever, our skin and blood cells are made from protein and specially there components, the amino acids. By composing the different amino acids in a special way our body is able to construct our body out of the different 24 amino acids which exists.

It is also a fact, that our body does not depend on meat, fish, eggs, chicken or milk product in order to get enough protein for our body. With the right plant based diet, you will not have any problem in getting the protein you need from the animal free food you eat. Besides, with a vegan diet, you will feel better, as usually plant protein is easy and better digestible than the protein from animal sources, in addition; when you eat for example nuts, you will have the same protein amount than in a steak with a similar quality but with the advantage, that the nut is a more “clean and pure food as it is on the top of the production chain – the Nut tree produces the nuts, and you eat them. While on the other side, the cow for you steak has to eat over a long period tones of food including treatments such as antibiotics, medicines and hormones which all goes also into your body.


45g of our Veggie Style Protein Powder contain 32g of pure Protein with the highes quality. Whenever you mix 45g of our veggie style vegan protein powder with 250ml of water, this quantity equals the protein content of 6 eggs or 155g of chicken breast. Each of those 3 foods will give the same amount of 32g protein with a high assimilation rate, while the one between the veggie style protein powder and the eggs have both the maximal possible protein assimilation rate quality. But our veggie style plant based protein powder has one big advantage: It is allergen-free and besides it does not have any contaminations such as hormones, pesticides, antibiotics with what many animal proteins are contaminated.



In order to elaborate the best vegan Protein formula, we did study all different kind of plant based proteins in order to find the best way to create a water soluble tasty vegan protein powder. We have got to consider the protein content, the amino acid profile of many plants, and also the fact, whether this plant is available and grows easy.

Soon we find out, that Yellow Pea has already a very good protein – and based on our patented and very gently water based extracting method, we obtain a very natural protein isolate with the highest quality and a purity of 86% Protein.


Pea Protein is an excellent Protein source and nearly perfect, it just leaks in 2 amino acids, which are Cysteine and Metheonine – but on the other hand, it has a very high content of LYSINE. And this is where we take advantage of mother nature:  Because on the other hand, we have the Rice Protein, which is also a very good Protein, similar to the quality of Pea Protein, But on the opposite, Rice Protein is composed with a very high amount of Cysteine and Methionine, the amino acids in where Pea is weak – and to make this puzzle fit better, the causality is at its best, because, Rice has exactly one important amino acid, in where it has a very low concentration – and guess, which one it is: : Exactly ! LYSINE, exactly the amino acids, we find in abundance it the pea protein. This brings us to the advantage, that by mixing in the right proportion our Pea and Rice protein Isolate, we obtain one of the best Protein Compound with the highest quality find in nature. This naturally created vegan protein isolate fits perfect for the need of our body and offers the highest Amino acid profile comparable with the one found in whey protein and Egg protein. Our vegan protein powder formula has the highest assimilation rate of nearly perfect 98%. And the best of all: It is plant based! And 100% natural and we ensure that the extracting process is very gentle and chemical free by exclusively using a strict mechanical process on low temperature by following the rules for RAW foods.


But the list of advantages is even longer:  By the combination of RAW Yellow Pea protein Isolate and RAW Brown Rice Shroud Protein Isolate, we just not obtain one of the highest quality Protein for the human being, with a protein efficiency  ratio similar to egg and diary product  - it also offers following unbeatable advantage:


It is 100% Natural,

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