Mardi 16 Jan 2018


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Veggie Style Vegan Protein Shake NATURAL without FLAVOR
Réf.: VS PROTEIN shake Natural

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28,50 €
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Veggie Style Plant based vegan protein isolate powder NATURAL without flavor, rice protein isolat, pea protein isolate, vegetarian protein shake

Protein shake Vanilla-from-veggie-styleVEGGIE STYLE is completely Natural offering a unique high quality plantprotein formula which gives your body power and energy. The key ingredient is our plant based protein isolate formula. It contains 82% of high quality RAW protein including all essential and non essential amino acids with a assimilation rate of 98% comparable with egg-protein. Our naturally optimized protein has a high content of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids ) and Glutamine. With one single VEGGIE STYLE shake you get in a tasty way all amino acids your muscles need for growing and getting stronger after each trainings session – VEGGIE POWER is YOUR guarantee for being fit and strong in any sport.


Besides of beeing a high quality Protein Source, Our Protein is has the advantage of beeing allergen free and also the following advantages:
e DAIRY FREE Lactos and Glutem free
e easy to digest
e 82g of RAW plantbased proten per serving with assimilation rate of 99%
eLow Glycemic Load
e Cholosterol Free
e Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
e Gluten Free Soy Free Dairy Free
e Hypo Allergenic
Zero Whey= No Bloating
Veggy style does not cause bloating like Milk Based shakes does



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